platinum diamond ring
diamond dome ring
diamond cluster ring
Jabel oval diamond cluster
Jabel anniversary rings
Jabel diamond crosses
Jabel Add-A-Link Bracelets
Jabel add link bracelets
Jabel seamless wedding rings
pink and green gold roses ring
carved roses wedding ring
Jabel roses engagement ring
pink and green gold bangle bracelets
Jabel rose earrings
carved roses crosses
Jabel Jewel necklace
Jabel Jewel Diamond Cluster Earrings
Pink green gold diamond cluster rings

Jabel Jewelry
The spirit of Jabel encompasses artists, craftsmen, even engineers, working together as Masters in the Priceless Art of Excellence.
Since 1916, Jabel has been creating fine jewelry for individuals who recognize and appreciate fine quality. This gallery represents but a sampling of Jabel's add-a-link bracelets, carved rose jewelry in pink and green gold, and the renowned Jabel Jewel. For a catalogue of additional styles please go to our downloads page.
(Due to the current volatility of the precious metals market custom orders are NOT returnable).