Platinum diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire "Tutti-Fruitti" Deco bracelet

How To Sell Your Item ...
A few basic steps to improve your odds

An assortment of the types of diamond jewelry we buy

1. Find a buyer
2. Show or describe the item
3. Agree on a price
4. Receive payment.

Due to the limitations of examining an item over the Internet, it is sometimes difficult for us to make offers. It would also not be fair to ask you what you want for it.You might ask too little. It is through your description of the item and discussion of its attributes that we are usually able to reach an agreement on price. Parting with something can be a very emotional event.

For this reason, we will try to make your decision to sell us your item as pleasant and profitable as possible.

If you have an item you are considering selling, take a moment to look at our ITEM PROFILE FORM. This will give you some indication of the desirability of your item in the marketplace. Even if you do not submit the form, it will help to look at your item objectively.

If after consulting this form you are still not confident you will receive the best price possible for your item, there are several other options.
These options include but are not limited to:

1. Pay for a professional appraisal
2. Consign the item to auction
3. Advertise and market the item privately
4. Put the item away till it reaches the price you want.

Untill we work out the bugs of our "item profile form", you are welcome to submit items you wish to sell through our easy SELL MY ITEM form.

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