Appraiser Rich Henion
What is it REALLY worth?
One opinion on a worthy topic ...
Times used to be when something basically had two values.... a "buy" and a "sell" price.
And then came the wheeler-dealers, the off-price marketers, the road shows, reality-TV and the internet. Wholesale and retail merged to become re-sale.
Prices varied depending upon the level of the market you dealt in and the volume involved. The distinction between dealers and collectors blurred as one became the other.
Today, confidence is replaced with confusion while reality erodes knowledge. Buying or selling, you seldom know if you're given the best price. Research is important but trust is paramount.
The true worth of an item is exactly what someone else is willing to pay. Nothing more, nothing less.

Rich Henion

Antique Sun Dial

What is an Antique?
or Vintage, Retro, or Collectible...
Many people assume that an item must be at least 100 years old to be defined as antique, but it is not all that simple.
The traditional definition was derived from British import/export law and later became an accepted standard in the antique trade, but a search for a legal definition leads one to more questions than answers. Jurisdiction and type of item will at times add to the confusion.
In our opinion, the order of succession is thus:
Ancient, Antique, Retro, Vintage, Collectible, and New, with all having several sub-distinctions.

Assorted Platinum Diamond Jewelry
How To Sell Your Item ...
A few basic steps to improve your odds

1. Find a buyer
2. Show or describe the item
3. Agree on a price
4. Receive payment.
Due to the limitations of examining an item over the Internet, it is sometimes difficult for us to make offers. It would also not be fair to ask you what you want for it.You might ask too little. It is through your description of the item and discussion of its attributes that we are usually able to reach an agreement on price. Parting with something can be a very emotional event.

For this reason, we will try to make your decision to sell us your item as pleasant and profitable as possible.

If after consulting us you are still not confident you will receive the best price possible for your item, there are several other options.
These options include but are not limited to:
1. Pay for a professional appraisal
2. Consign the item to auction
3. Advertise and market the item privately
4. Put the item away till it reaches the price you want.

You may submit items you wish to sell through our easy SELL MY ITEM form.
Dino Martens Murano Vase & Wassily Kandinsky Painting

The Millenial Market ...
The antiques of tomorrow are here today ...
Victorian oak and old master paintings have been replaced by mid-century modern and abstract art. More than what is normally described as the period from 1933 to 1965, it is wide-ranging in both style and design.

Like most design eras it has evolved over the years and may even encompass items from your youth! The purchases you made as new are now considered vintage or collectible to some.